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Goodbye Tulsa

7 Dec

Eve of Departure XXXV

7 Dec

Looking ahead to next year, where a move is inevitable. Just made it official, moving to west Eugene during the new year and end of the decade. 2010 will be pretty monumental, year 4 of the five year plan.

This year was pretty awesome…dominated by crazy but exotic lovers, good friends, crazy incidents involving angry Indian men (casinos not slurpees) chasing me with rusty shovels…..

got my degree did a great deal of traveling…found a job that I love….got a couple of books published…had lots of good sex…and had a lot of laughs… how do I top that?????

Goals for 2010:
Take up Guitar
Tai Chi classes
write a treatment for an animated short
Get my teaching certificate
CPR certification
Write and record a comedy album
start a country band
take boxing lessons
edit old short stories and send them off for publication
publish my latest book of poems, “Toss offs and Throwaways”
Write and complete another book of poetry, tentatively titled “Blooming, Bursting and Burning”
eat better
remove corn, wheat, and soy from diet.