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In the Pocket

24 Jan

My 20’s were a roller coaster:

Lots of highs and lots of lows,

trying to figure out who I was, what I stood for,

and what I wanted out of life.


My 30’s were turbulent

but exciting. Big Peaks

Big Valleys,

and low ditches.

Finally knew what I wanted in life,

but hadn’t yet

figured out how to get there.


I want my 40’s to stay

incredibly funky

with only the minor dips

as I keep things steady

staying in the pocket

of where and who I wanted to be.


~Edward Austin Robertson









Drunk at Beerland circa 2013

21 Jan

Her forbidden lips

were surprisingly juicy,

and tasted of berry.

This was no innocent make out.


~Edward Austin Robertson

Mulligan (For N.A.)

25 Dec

She made all the heartbreak, heartache and misunderstandings

he’d ever experienced seem obsolete, trivial, and in some instances

disappear as if they’d never happened–which made them

in some ways feel absolutely worth it—all of it.


~Edward Austin Robertson

Once Upon A Time in Honfleur (Long Story Short)

1 Dec

Tried my damnedest to make it to the Erik Satie museum out in Honfluer. Trains were running funky because it was a Sunday and I ended up stranded in some podunk town that resembled something out of American Werewolf in London. To top it off, it was cold and rainy. Ended up sneaking onto the Paris bound train accompanying this pregnant French woman who spoke good English and smoked bad cigarettes. I swore I’d never go back to France, but to this day I wish I had made it to that museum.


~Edward Austin Robertson

CD Warehouse

11 Nov

“You ever listen to Coltrane?”


“No.” replied sheepishly.

I’ve heard of him but never actually listened to him.

This was an embarrassing admission.

Being in college made it seem necessary

to be listening to jazz

and not the smooth stuff that my mom listened to

over the radio


This clerk, Brian, had similar tastes as I did.

Chances were that I’d dig whatever he recommended.


He handed me a copy of Greensleeves

to take back to the listening station.

As soon I as I put the headphones on and pressed play,

The world outside my brain synced up.


The rain fell in a rhythm and the passing automobiles

became its melody.

The people walking by cowering under their umbrellas

became percussion.

Life was finally starting to make sense.


~Edward Austin Robertson

Norman, OK

23 Oct

Something felt off about the whole night;

triggering a reaction within my psyche

lying there on the couch listening

to John Paul Jones play the Mellotron.


She only confirmed it–

I was surprised not one bit–

when she admitted to me later

of her mild transgression.

Although initially it felt

like a punch to the gut,

that news was much easier to shake off

than the stuff that came afterward;

which was really threw me for a loop.


~Edward Austin Robertson


11 Oct

It was basically the worst peep show of all time.

Coming back repeatedly just to see

the same barista–

I was spending all my hard earned cash to catch a glimpse

of some bare wrist, or naked nape, possibly even some upper thigh

in exchange for expensive coffee and mediocre cuisine–

a brief show that ended

almost as soon as I received my change,

my signal to give up my place in line.


~Edward Austin Robertson