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23 May

Rent was due

work scarce

plasma was painful.

Didn’t I deserve to get

paid for what I loved to do?

She had a deep sexy voice.

I nearly asked if they took deposits

over the phone.





didn’t deter me.

No ejaculation for 3 days.

An expensive discharge

for what was habit


Sperm became dollar signs.

Rack magazines on the rack.

Straight stuff

but no videos.

Pictures don’t do it for me honey.

Pictures can’t move

no matter how fast I flip

the pages.

Disposable sheets on the bed

like the kind

you find at whore houses.

Called an ex or two

hoping for some help.

My mother called with the correct info

but at precisely the wrong time.

An awkward aim

A drop in the cup

is a puddle in my hand

scooped into the cylinder

like spilled Jello pudding.

A look of disgust

and disappointment

as they shoved the rejected sample

into the freezer.

No money.

Just free condoms,

goldfish crackers

and an apprehensive handshake.

At least when you donate plasma

they give you a T-shirt.

~Edward Austin Robertson~