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27 Apr

Another cup year
and cup years bring an added focus
to the summers.

A buzz worldwide.

That was 8 years ago
When Zidane headbutted that Italian,
can you believe it?

~Edward Austin Robertson

Springtime in Texas

15 Apr

If you believe there is no better place to be in the summer than Portland,
then you should consider visiting Texas during the spring,
despite the increase in high rise buildings, the skies feel wide open.

You will want to pull over on the side of the highway, stand in an open field and pose with the bluebonnets.

You will want to find the nearest park and try flying a kite.

Springtime in Texas will make you want to lie down on your front lawn at night, and count the stars.

Or you’ll want to roast under the sun on a patio deck somewhere, eating chips and salsa, and drinking margaritas.

You won’t be able to resist the urge to open your windows at night and let the breeze into your home;
as you fall asleep to sound of big raindrops, claps of thunder, and flashes of lightening.

You will question everything you are doing in life, consider pulling up the stakes, cashing in on the available real estate, low taxes rates, and pledge your allegiance to the grand old republic.

But summertime will chase you right the fuck out.

~Edward Austin Robertson


Down to the pond and back (For Josh and Kelly)

10 Apr

Jogging in the same short shorts
as those early Portland mornings
when it was my day to let the chickens out
before the baby and dogs awoke.
Running to outrace my thoughts
an hour before the streets are littered with traffic.
Emulating the “Spaceman” before his buckwheat pancake breakfast.
To the top of southeast
milling around Mt. Tabor
to clear my head;
if only for a few hours.

Down to the pond tonight.
Looking up at the sky,
the campus
and out towards the town.
I take a deep breath
wondering where I will to run to next.
Then back up the hill
through the campus vista
looking back out at the town,
past my next destination.
Then down, down, down
to the temporary dwelling I now call home.

~Edward Austin Robertson


10 Apr

Softer for medium.
Harder for shallow.

Parallel passes across.
Adjust to deepest setting
perpendicular passes to first pass rows.

8 inches deep.

~Edward Austin Robertson

Two Years

10 Apr

The passage of time
reflected in the buildings, streets and faces.
Enough time to embrace them
warts and all.
Enough time to love
the people
not the places.

~Edward Austin Robertson

Junk Food

10 Apr

Doritos, Fritos, Takis, and hot Cheetos
Lard in the beans, grade F meat in the burritos
That MSG
Sapping your energy
Distract you from the industry
damage your authenticity
And synchronicity
Complacency is killing me
ya feeling me?
Its still in me
Instilled in me
We willingly kill for free
While they kill for fee.

~Edward Austin Robertson


Bombing the Oread

9 Apr

speeding my way into the infirmary
my board keeps shaking
weaving my way in and out traffic
quick decisions I’m making
better off crashing into the sidewalk
to have some scrapes than be a vegetable who can’t talk.
Deeply breathing
gotta stay calm
or the ground will be beneath me
too late to step off
they’ll scrape me off the cement with
a lotta skin left off.
By now if I eat it
they’ll prolly have to take me off
life support.
I’m fucked if I freak out now
no way to slow down; nobody showed me how.
Broken board? Broken wrist?
Neither, just a grass stain
hurt ego pushed aside
didn’t feel no real pain.
Still in one piece.
Time to exhale.
I get to walk away
from one of my biggest fails.

~Edward Austin Robertson

Young Lady with the Shiba Inu

9 Apr

It was the neighbor’s dog that took me
back to that last conversation
at some diner downtown.

Saying goodbye,
kissing and holding her lovely fingers
in my hands.
The knot inside my stomach
telling me not to leave–
that our momentary happiness
would disappear once I got on the bus
and left her country.

Whether I had stayed or not did not matter.
My head was so far up my own ass
there was no way it could have worked out–
no matter how ready I thought I was.

I’m not embarrassed about my feelings.
It was definitely on.
Although I am embarrassed about what followed–
the letter exchanges,
cooing and babbling about
singing to out future children,
and a goddamned Shiba Inu puppy.

It should have never gotten that far.
I should have left her at the diner
and left that week in her city,
in her city.

I have since gotten (slightly)better about learning when to let go;
especially where it concerns women.
The truth is I never wanted a Shiba Inu
in the first place.
I’m a Siberian Husky man myself.
I just thought it was a packaged deal.

~Edward Austin Robertson

Off Limits

7 Apr

She sat a perched the sofa
one hand propped against her cheek,
face tilted; arctic eyes piercing at 3 ‘o clock,
body angled symmetrically,
feet dangling ,
legs curled behind her thighs
and buttocks.

A younger version of me would have gotten myself in trouble.
18 yr old me would have pined over her
agonizingly in my bedroom,
writing sappy poetry;
trying to find a word to rhyme with Eros.
25 yr old me would have
driven myself crazy trying to bed her and keep her.

I don’t miss those days.
I still wince embarrassingly of the times
when I shot at every game that I liked.
I appreciate being at an age where I can delight in a lady’s presence
and not have to get in their pants.

But if the opportunity presented itself,
I’m not sure I’d have been able to say no.
Though I respected her boyfriend
–a wonderful young man
witty and understated–
it didn’t stopped me from fantasizing
about rubbing the small of her back,
kissing her bare neck,
then making love as if we were two ballerinas.

Only now can I project far enough ahead to know
there aren’t many positive outcomes
for such delicate situations
if you aren’t equipped to handle them.

But sometimes………
on the right days…..
when I’m felt at my most Alpha………
I found it extremely difficult to be alone with her.

Thank God for experience.

~Edward Austin Robertson~


6 Apr

Watching the Elite Eight
on our front porch
with Geo and Maged.

Checking out a girl on the roof
giving us upskirt shots.

Sometimes happiness comes so easily.

~Edward Austin Robertson