Springtime in Texas

15 Apr

If you believe there is no better place to be in the summer than Portland,
then you should consider visiting Texas during the spring,
despite the increase in high rise buildings, the skies feel wide open.

You will want to pull over on the side of the highway, stand in an open field and pose with the bluebonnets.

You will want to find the nearest park and try flying a kite.

Springtime in Texas will make you want to lie down on your front lawn at night, and count the stars.

Or you’ll want to roast under the sun on a patio deck somewhere, eating chips and salsa, and drinking margaritas.

You won’t be able to resist the urge to open your windows at night and let the breeze into your home;
as you fall asleep to sound of big raindrops, claps of thunder, and flashes of lightening.

You will question everything you are doing in life, consider pulling up the stakes, cashing in on the available real estate, low taxes rates, and pledge your allegiance to the grand old republic.

But summertime will chase you right the fuck out.

~Edward Austin Robertson


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