Bobby Mickey is a poet, teacher, comedian, writer, music and basketball enthusiast.

When he is not in the classroom, you may find him traveling the world in search of good vibes, good food, and good women.

He is always looking for a party to DJ, or a stage to crash, or a couch to crash on. For now he lives in Tulsa, Oklahoma, but plans a move back to his home state of Texas very, very soon.


or @clickpicka79 on twitter.

his book Supplication and Masturbation is currently on file at Lulu.com.

His second collection of poetry, “Instant Exchange of Recognition” is also available on Lulu.com

His third collection of poetry, ” Chasing Kerouac with my Credit Card” can be found on Lulu.com.

Check out his basketball musings on thisagoodassgame.com


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