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20 Sep

Pretty exhausted. Leaving for the sticks tomorrow. Will be on 200 acres of farmland for the week.
NYC was done big. Spent way more money than I feel okay about admitting. Saw some old college friends. Kicked it with some old school Texas pals, making raunchy jokes and laughing too loudly at a bar. Had a lotta stimulating conversations. New Yorkers are generally pretty friendly.

New York itself is a pretty awesome place. A place I’d move to in a heartbeat if I were in my mid-20’s.
Ween was fantastic and even ran into the guy who says “I keeps it real.” on Chappelle’s “When keeping it Real goes wrong sketch.”

I’ve drank a lot, eaten a lot of late night meals and now its time to retire. Train to catch in the morning.
Fantasy team to gut. I’m gonna be getting my Thoreau on. Yea EEEee YEAHHH!!


I have friends who live in the Big Apple so I don't have to.

Quote of the week:
“If I’m going to be putting my mouth on something that wet and slimy, then I want it to sit up afterwards and say “I love you.”


Eve of Departure Part DueX

16 Sep

Bags packed (check)
Passport (check)
Tolietries (check)
Books of poetry (check)
Olympus digital camera (check)
Ordained license (check)
Suit for Wedding (check)

I guess I’m ready then. New York City here I come, and other places.

Each phase a different trip. City then country, then mountains then the West Coast again.

I had my last therapy session for a while I think. I had some fundamental issues that needed to be addressed. Basically I’d been sabotaging my happiness with unrealistic expectations, then falling into a neurotic funk if I failed to meet them.

Even when I succeeded it was on to the next project, the next city, the next woman. It really stifled me from being in the present moment. Goals are great to have but you gotta enjoy the journey. Gotta be able to enjoy where you are at the moment or at least embrace it, even when it isn’t pleasant.

That was probably my biggest lesson. That and to quit letting my little head make decisions for me (A lesson I keep relearning year in and year out).

My dick has lost all of its voting privileges when it comes to my life. It no longer has veto power. It has officially been disenfranchised worse than
Negroes in the Jim Crow South.

Any kind of back talk and it can expect a severe beating, possibly two. No more kissing and telling, no more going after emotionally unavailable women, no more complicated love stories with messy endings. I’m done with that script. Doesn’t interest me any longer.

This will be a pretty bad ass trip. Seeing old friends in New York City, getting to see Ween again on Friday. Trekking through Canada on train,
then into Portland for a wedding and good hang in the Northwest before coming back home. Yes, home. As in Tulsa.

“All we have is now. All we’ll ever have is now.” ~Flaming Lips~

"FIrst of all, I'd like to thank my Psychiatrist."


16 Sep

"I think Sophie may be the one Jez. I can't lose her."

We were closer to being Dwight and Angela than
Pam and Jim from “The Office.”
Or Mark and Sophie from “The Peep Show.”
I kept the blender and the kids

she kept our friends

got her own office
and visitation rights.
In the end I guess we both won.

~Edward Austin Robertson