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31 Jul

What I was watching instead of going to bed

30 Jul

this is what happens when you drink Pepsi right before bedtime:

Geeking out on Ween

30 Jul

Silent Castration

25 Jul

Who is to say you missed out on anything?

You’ve seen her type

Men handcuffed by the nuts without realizing it
SHE doesn’t even know that she is doing it.

At one time you were okay
with the thought of her being
the last one woman you ever slept with
even if she told you she was a post-op job.

Oh you were a fool
and would have continued to have been one
had fate not intervened.

Because how long would the reins held
before you broke free
or been broken?

But who is to say she wasn’t the last?
Everyone and everything since
has been an amalgamation
of tender, heated and awkward moments.

~Edward Austin Robertson


25 Jul

Brick for Concrete
Sidewalk to side street.
Protecting the Chanterelles and Oyster mushrooms
from the heat,
the Sycamore and Ash
create a path along the houses
for the
Deer, bunnies and dancing fireflies
before your eyes.

Not quite north
not quite south
not quite east or west.

Lots of blood spilled
in the middle of where we are standing.

~Edward Austin Robertson

Distant memories evoked by corn fields

25 Jul

The old man asleep on the couch
reeking of motor oil.
I slept next to her sometimes
intermittently dreaming AM radio,
put to sleep by Mark Holtz
awakened by Paul Harvey.
Noise no longer bothers me
and now I remember why.

~Edward Austin Robertson

From the Dregs of my youth

25 Jul

I was listening to some Pumpkins the other night while I was making dinner and it made me a little nostalgic.
Life was so wide open and full of possibilities. Born in ’79, graduated in ’97. The 90’s as I was experiencing it was a strange and awkward time. I was always slightly out of step with what was going on and how it was presented. But occasionally during those teenage years, the boredom was abated by interesting music videos and the Spice Channel. I spent a lot of time with the television ON.