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Quarantine Mix Vol. 4: In a World Gone Mad

26 May


A Little Pizzazz

13 May

I spend my down time daydreaming

of snagging tough rebounds

then immediately throwing full court outlet passes

that lead to fast break points.

I visualize touch passes

to baseline cutters for easy buckets.

No look bounce passes hit my teammates in stride–

right into the hand that’s closest to the basket.

Dump off passes thrown over my shoulder

into the pal of someone curling from

the paint to the rim

and over the top lobs to big men

skillfully sealing off their defender.

I guess you could say that I miss hoopin’.



~Bob E. Freeman





10 May

Discovering the Smiths coincided with

my first major breakup and the depth of my melancholy.

Memories flood back to the first listen

of “I Know it’s Over”

as Morrissey’s words made it crystal clear

of why I was all alone that night

lying in my empty bed.


~Edward Austin Robertson