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Geeking out on El Ten Eleven

31 Aug

I’ve wanted to see these guys for a while

It starts at hello

25 Aug

Then you say, “Nice Meeting you.”
Sometimes you say, “Let’s get together sometime.”
and that can lead to “I would like to see you again.”
This may lead to an “I like you.”
which can then become “I really like you.”
then its “I really really like you.”
which can eventually lead to “I really really really like you.”
And sometimes even an “I love you” may burst forth from your lips.
And even “I love you’s” can become “I hate you’s” or “I hope to never see you again.”
or it could easily grow into an “I want to spend the rest of my life with you.”
which can still lead to “I hate you’s” or “I hope to never see you again.”
No matter the result,
it always begins with a “hello.”

~Edward Austin Robertson

Out of Nowhere

24 Aug

Life is static.
Nothing what it seems.
Anything taken at face value
is illusion.

We look
but then we see.
We say
but then we speak.
We hear
but then we listen.
The less we know
the more we find out.

Growth arises out of discomfort
experience segues into knowledge.
Unexpected packages
and often the biggest form of
happens when we surprise ourselves.

~Edward Austin Robertson

Such Refreshing Simplicity

23 Aug

Geeking out on (Wild) Nothing

22 Aug

That Day

21 Aug

Woke up thinking it was one big joke.
An overreaction of sorts,
by midday it seemed all too real
violently emotional reactions
from all sides
among friends
a midst strangers.

Everyone sporting the same stunned look
the same dazed glare
knowing that everything was changing
but it was impossible to speculate
just how different the world
would be from that day forth.

~Edward Austin Robertson


21 Aug

Mist up
Head down
back to the grind
of the (near) minimum wage
avoiding the salaried gigs
but for how long
will free time satiate
my desires when
there is so much that
still needs to be paid for?

~Edward Austin Robertson