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Brief Moments of Shared Experience available for purchase

29 May


More where that came from within the year. Stay Tuned.



Geeking Out on the Smokes

19 May


5 May

She kissed me at the peak of the guitar riff crescendo

near the tail end of OK Computer.

I couldn’t tell you if I thought it was romantic or not,

my head was still spinning for my college sweetheart–

couldn’t even slow my mind down enough

to just shut up and enjoy the moment.

I’d run off to the next available vixen

and we’d barely had the chance to get to know the other person

we were just staying out all night getting our buzz on

and mugging down as we saw fit.

Yorke singing in my ear to “slow down”

while I was on her couch trying to navigate her tongue with my own.


~Edward Austin Robertson