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Feel Around the Fountain (and other romantic misadventures)

20 Jun



She was a delicate little thing.

Young and sweet and cute.

With every hello

I sent her an unspoken invitation

to come over to my place for weed and coffee,

and make out on the parlor couch

while listening to the Smiths on the record player.



The wind picked up

pushing the fountain mist

into our faces.

I held off as long as I could, but it still

shocked her when I leaned in for the kiss.

She was surprised but she didn’t resist.

She tasted of college life and cigarettes.



The perfect spot in the park

with a nice mix of sun and shade

to lay down a blanket

play guitar, eat yummy snacks

and talk myself out of making a move

on her.

The stakes were just too high on this one.



~Edward Austin Robertson


Time Stamp (For Wen and Aili)

9 Jun

There was something very old world about the moment.

This beautiful Taiwanese mother-and-baby tandem

sat playing Chopin on the old bar piano

in an intimate, dimly lit tavern.

We all watched in awe and quiet reverence

with an unspoken agreement that we were witnesses to an event

that was far from the ordinary–something that required ticketed admission–

on par with the legendary Red Panda;

flawlessly juggling saucers, plates and teacups while straddling atop a unicycle.

An instant so surreal that even the faintest whisper could break its magical spell.

Chekhov himself couldn’t have written a better wedding scene.


~Edward Austin Robertson

The Naked Bike Ride

9 Jun

I’d allowed myself to get lost in the mirth and euphoria

of hula hoops, glow sticks and naked bodies.

We were “jamming on it” to Newcleus under the Hawthorne Bridge,

the night’s air chilling the celebration

of our all city ride to a traffic of cheers.

Seemed like a good idea when the sun was up.

But I forgot pack something to cover myself up

for the long sobering ride back to the (deep) Northeast part of town.

Two words: Poor Planning.



~Edward Austin Robertson