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Geeking out with GeekTV

29 Jul

Great show the other night, bare bones but he was great! This is in bed with Kool keith.

Geeking out on the Internet pt. 148: Joe Rogan discusses the absurdity of our existence

28 Jul

A Beautiful Resignation

28 Jul

Slowly approaching a grasp of this uncertain reality
Tentatively found my equilibrium slightly before
entering the airport
whistling the U.S. Blues
wearing sandals,plaid shorts and a Ween T-shirt;
total slacker ware,
feeling good
in a post graduation Austin sort of way.

Encountered the sobering sight of
a pimply young boy in full Army garb

Forcing me to examine
what I had done when I was his age
as a dumb ass among dumb asses,
doing dumb ass things
like finger banging
teenage girls in
small town, Texas, U.S.A.

Raising Hell
certainly not sitting nervously in an airport
flipping my phone upside down
then right side up,
obviously deep in perturbed
and anxious thought.

Would this be one of the young men
my young brother would be in charge of stitching up
patching up?
doping down?
or putting away?

Would one of these young men
be responsible for an errant bullet
that led to my brother’s crippling demise?

And what of my brother’s final moments
before pre-boarding
setting off
to save young men like these
out in desert country?

A place of which I never wanted intimate knowledge

I wasn’t ready for him to go
didn’t want him to die
but the only way to control when one went
was to off one’s self
something I already knew I wasn’t brave enough to do.

Even if he lived through it all
he wouldn’t be the same
when he returned.
Someday he would in fact die

whether it be
in five,ten, fifteen
twenty or forty years.

Even if this young boy here
somehow rose to lieutenant
saved his whole platoon
from dying face down in the desert,
mouth full of sand,
chest full of bullets and lungs full of blood
he would eventually go too

Even if this plane I boarded crashed,
and I miraculously survived
the laws of physics,law of averages
would get to me too.

Who knew when Armageddon would come for us all?

No need to panic
I suppose there could be worse realities eh?

I could be a blackhead on the face

of a 16 yr old virgin nerd who
jerked off with Vaseline

to naked photos of Marge Simpson.

I could be the pus on the tip of an Okie’s dick
after he caught the clap from some bar floozy
with bad tattoos and missing teeth.

I could be the boil on a plumber’s ass.

I could be a clot of blood on a stripper’s tampon.

I could be a herpes sore.

A booger in a 3rd grader’s nose
picked, smashed, and then eaten.

I could’ve been a fly chowing down
on some fresh road kill or
the toe jam in a geriatric’s foot,
the bunion on someone’s soon to be ex-wife,
scraped by a butter knife into the kitchen sink
or an in grown hair on a sweaty ball sack.

So there was no need to panic.
Change is a constant interloper
so why get attached to this human existence?

Worrying only hindered me
from enjoying the trip.
we were all going
to die,
then decompose
before becoming something else like
cosmic dust particles,
or spatial bacteria
and there was nothing I could do about it except
go out in style.

So there was no need to panic about any of it.
Worrying wasn’t going to help me one bit.

~Edward Austin Robertson~


Open Letter to Greyhound

20 Jul

Dear Greyhound staff,
I’m writing in order to obtain a refund for a purchase I made on May 29th, for a trip that was to take place on June 3rd, from Dallas to Tulsa, with a stop in Oklahoma City.

The bus leaving Dallas was supposed to leave at 6:40 pm and get me into Tulsa at 2:50 AM the next morning.

Things would change for the worst however when I arrived at the terminal to find that every bus scheduled to depart from that station was oversold, and that no back-up plan was in place to accommodate patrons who’d bought their tickets ahead of time.

There weren’t extra buses to put these people on and everyone on my bus to Tulsa was told that they’d have to wait until the next day to catch their bus.

I asked a staff member if there was anything else we could do and he suggested a late night bus out of Dallas that would take me to Amarillo for the night, and get me into Tulsa at 5:40 PM the next day.

I explained to him why this wouldn’t work for me and suggested to him that he change my ticket to the 6:35 AM bus that would take me to Tulsa via I-75. He agreed that this would be a better plan and changed my ticket.

After a mad scramble, the Dallas Greyhound management gave free food vouchers to patrons who were inconvenienced and told me that another bus was on its way to collect the remaining patrons who needed to get to Oklahoma City in less than an hour.

The supervisor told me that I could get on this bus and possibly still make my connection in Oklahoma City. I asked if I needed to change my ticket back to the original itinerary and she said it wasn’t necessary. For further clarification, I asked two more employees if I would need to have my ticket changed to correspond with the bus I was taking and they said no.

2 hours later, the bus finally arrived and I again showed my ticket to the bus driver, he said that things should be okay and that we should probably make our connection in Oklahoma City.

When we pulled into the bus station in Oklahoma City, I had found that not only had I missed my bus, but that no one from the Dallas station had called and alerted the OKC station about the bus delays.

At this point it was 1:30 AM and the next bus out of Oklahoma City wouldn’t leave until 11:00 AM. The employee at the counter asked me why I was even on this particular bus to Oklahoma City– and why I wasn’t on the bus going straight to Tulsa.

He then told me to talk to his supervisor in the morning and that his supervisor could straighten things out, since it appeared I was going to have to purchase another ticket to get me to Tulsa.

Because it was 1:30 in the morning and I had to be at work at noon, sleeping on the bus station linoleum didn’t appear to be a good idea. So I had to reach into my wallet and purchase a room for the night at the Quality Inn for $56.93.

The next morning I walked into the station and talked to the supervisor and he told me he’d do what he could, and possibly talk to the driver going to Tulsa.

At 11:00 a bus going to Tulsa arrived but because it was Jefferson Lines, I would have to pay for it myself. Otherwise I’d have to wait until 11:35 before the Greyhound bus going to Tulsa arrived (as it happened that particular bus was delayed by at least an hour). I did not want to wait another hour and a half so I reached into my wallet again and just bought the ticket.

There were many things during this experience that bothered me:

1)The fact that Greyhound can overbook buses without any sort of backup plan.
2) Not once during this day did anyone apologize for the inconveniences created.
3) No communication between the stations to inform each other that buses are running late.
4) That I had to book a hotel room as a result of worker dishonesty/incompetence. Sleeping in the lobby was not an option I was willing to explore. No one shot me straight about when my bus was arriving which would have allowed me to plan accordingly. If I’d have known I was going to miss my connecting bus I would’ve just spent the night in Dallas (FOR FREE).
5) I talked to 3 different Dallas employees about my ticket (time/location change) and they all said it wouldn’t be a problem. When I got to the OKC station, the manager looked puzzled. How is it that no one seems to be on the same page within the company?

This is not an isolated event only the latest. So with all these other options, why would I bother traveling through Greyhound ever again?

I’m a frequent traveler and I have spent 1,000’s of dollars with the company in the past 8 years. With all the options available to consumers these days what is stopping me from flying (Southwest airlines is a glowing example of professionalism and incredible customer service), renting a car, or taking the Mega bus? I’m tired of the apathy from Greyhound employees, and tired of feeling shit on as a customer.

When I purchase a ticket, I understand I am entering an agreement. I’m agreeing not to bring booze or smoke on the bus. I’m agreeing not to assault the bus driver or other passengers. I’m agreeing not to disrupt the harmony of the ride for anyone else.

When I can’t make my destination on time or even on the same day, then Greyhound isn’t keeping up their end of the bargain. This results in an uneven exchange of services for money and this is what makes me angry. No one likes to feel as if they have been swindled.

I’m paying to arrive at my destination on time or reasonably close to it. I’m not paying my hard earned cash to be inconvenienced and mistreated. If things can’t somehow be made right not only will I never ride Greyhound again, I will tell everyone I know about my negative experiences with the company.

Perhaps I will pay more to exercise these other traveling options but it will be worth it. Greyhound may be slightly less expensive to use for travel, but my time is just as valuable as my money (if not more). If I experience ridiculous delays in places like Springfield, Missouri, and Sacramento, California, there is no realistic way for me to get that time back.

I am requesting a refund for my ticket from Dallas to Tulsa that was purchased on June 3rd, 2012 (my receipt is enclosed within). I am also enclosing a copy of the receipt from that date for the hotel that I had to purchase because of these delays.

I appreciate your time and I thank you for what I expect will be a swift response.
Robert McFail Jr.

Black Diamond Bay

19 Jul

I hear the early 2,000’s was a great time for music up in Montreal. Apparently everyone was in a band playing in some basement somewhere. I’d love to go to a music festival up there someday before the apocalypse.

To the East

19 Jul

Not sure I know where i found out about this band, but somehow they made it onto my playlist rotation


18 Jul

Yup. Next Thursday, in Dallas, Texas. It’s going down. I’m curious as to what a Kool Keith concert will be like.

On a lighter Note pt. 2

15 Jul

This guy is coming down to Austin in September, one of my favorite comics and a Bay Area underground legend. I also heard he was in Mensa.

On a Lighter note

15 Jul

I got a chance to see this guy the other night in Austin. Fucking hilarious and quite clever. Full body laughs and tears. Only a handful of comics have ever gotten me to that place. This guy is one of them (Big shout out to my homey Shannon for gettimg me tickets and putting me up for the week).

Pedo State University

15 Jul

Throw the fucking book at them. If Penn State doesn’t get the death penalty, then I might be off College Football forever. It would be the biggest hypocrisy of hypocrisies that involve the corporation that is the NCAA.

Basically they would be saying that giving money to athletes is a much bigger crime than raping little boys. Take the fucking statue down, erase the name on the library and SHUT DOWN the football program. I see no other way around it.

I’ve heard radio/tv talking heads say that it had nothing to do with football–that it would be punishing all the people who had nothing to do with the incident (R.C. Slocum made Aggies look real bad with his statement about how “one mistake” shouldn’t “taint” Joe Pa’s legacy).

I have two responses:

1) It did involve football because this low-life motherfucker Sandusky was using the brand name of PSU to lure these boys in. He’d get them free gear, let them meet players, and even take them on university sanctioned trips (I wouldn’t be surprised if Sandusky was molesting these boys 2 doors down from Shultz, Curley, and or Paterno. They probably met some of these boys he was raping.). He raped kids on campus in areas he was still allowed access even after he no longer worked for Penn State.

2) The players on scholarship should be allowed to transfer without sitting out a year(this is what they did when they gave it to SMU in the ’80’s). Anybody who stays or decides in the future to go there know what they are getting into. My kid and my money would NOT be going to Penn State (just thought of another great bumper sticker).

When the story broke last fall I could smell massive cover up, but the conspiracy theorist in me wonders just how far this really goes. I wouldn’t be surprised if some lawmen, senators and governors weren’t somehow indirectly involved in this.

This might not be the end of it. How many people were like the guidance counselor, who told one of the victims that Sandusky wouldn’t “do such a thing”, when the victim tried to come forward with this information about him?

I want every journalist, talking head, football coach, fan to come forward like Rick Reilly, and publicly renounce their blind allegiance to Joe Paterno.

Somewhere in the Key West, Jimmy Johnson (and all members of the ’86 Miami Hurricanes squad) should feel vindicated. During the 1987 Fiesta Bowl,  the media did everything they could to raise Joe Pa to saint status, and to make Jimmy Johnson seem like a ringleader to a gang of hoodlums. Brent Musburger was one of the worst transgressors at the time. He was practically giddy when the heroic PSU Nittany Lions upset the villainous Miami Hurricanes.

And to all the people who say that Joe Paterno’s full volume of work shouldn’t be judged by “this one horrendous” mistake. GET REAL PEOPLE. Sandusky raped little boys and people knew about this and did NOTHING to stop it. That isn’t a mistake. That is a knowing accomplice.

It’s as bad as that Berkeley student going to a casino with his friend and not stopping him from raping and killing that poor little girl back in the ’90’s. It’s as bad as harboring a criminal. If I drove a buddy to his girlfriend’s house and he killed her and I drove him home, that would make me an accomplice.

How the fuck do you hear a boy getting raped in the shower and not fucking do anything to help the kid–ie stopping the rape and calling the cops?

No one says that John Wayne Gacy’s charity work and scuccessful business ventures make up for his proclivity for raping and killing young men. So how can Joe Pa’s body of work not be sullied by this new information?

Fuck Penn State. Fuck Football. And if there is some yokel out there who can’t see the importance of why Penn State should not suit up next year, then fuck them too. My best advice (outside of researching the effects of rape on children) for those people is to buy a ” Time Machine Building for Dummies” book and transport themselves back to ancient Greece, where it was socially accepted to take a young boy on a “rite of passage”.

Sandusky is about to find out what they do to old ass men who prey on little boys in the “Big House”, and if you think I’m talking about the stadium where the Michigan Wolverines play, then you’re one of the dumb motherfuckers who just don’t get it.