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Birthday Mini-Playlist

20 Jan

French Kicks –All Our Weekends

Wild Nothing- To Know You

Explosions in the Sky-Disintegration Anxiety

Freddie Gibbs –Home

MED BLU & MADLIB- Burgundy Whip

Kanye West & Kendrick Lamar-No More Parties in L.A.

Baron Zen –Turn Around

Summer Holiday Days 61-65: The Sun, The Heat, and the Meat

3 Aug

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Summer Holiday is officially over. If i drew a map and charted my path along North America, the map would like a Family Circus strip. I doubt I will ever get to do a trip like this in this kind of capacity. I’m not even sure that I want to. Next Summer will mark 10 years since I left Denton to explore the world outside the great Lone Star State, and I had zero plan other than to see what was out there. Maybe this trip was one last “throwback” to those days.

I can’t imagine not having experienced the things I have encountered these last 10 years. Had I taken the “safe” route and just found a good job in Dallas, there is no telling how dull I’d be today. This was the trip of a lifetime, and every week brought forth a new high. Any lows that I experienced were externally caused. The majority of my decisions this trip were good ones, and the regrettable ones are at least laughable. I can’t ask for much more than that with a trip of this magnitude that took a ridiculous amount of planning.

Now I gotta sit back, chill under the A/C and process everything. Time to recharge. Au Revoir.


Summer Holiday Days 15 and 16: Postcards from 2015

10 Jun

Montana is as beautiful as they say. #believethehype. I haven’t been that overwhelmed with beauty since my trip through the Canadian Rockies back in 2010.

If Montana were a woman, she’d be catcalled and sexually harassed. “Damn Montana….you be looking good gurl……gon’ ahead–let me feel on that booty. MMMMMMMMMPPPPPPPHHHHHH!!!!!

Majestic terrain, clean air and gorgeous rivers, goodbye Montana. Fare thee well.

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Oh So Good…….

5 Aug

Geeking out on the Internet pt. 148: Joe Rogan discusses the absurdity of our existence

28 Jul

Suddenly Everything Has Changed

4 Feb

Some events in lifeĀ force you to never see the world the same again.