Archive | August, 2014


28 Aug

A 6 AM conspiracy
to bounce leather balls against a concrete floor
before sun hits the sky
and the morning mist escapes the lake.

The early morning rush
of endorphins and sweat
almost worth the
hour and a half of lost sleep.

~Edward Austin Robertson

His infant self

21 Aug

Woodside Queens, New York City, New York

He was a 14 yr. Old tyke
playing in his daddy’s closet
nestling in his daddy’s socks
curled up his daddy’s sweaters
tossing up his daddy’s knickers.

His daddy and his daddy’s buddy
cackling and taking photos.

What maniacs.
What could they possibly be laughing at?

Don’t they have better things to do than to laugh at babies rolling around
in a pile of laundry?

He was just a toddler.

What was their excuse?

~Edward Austin Robertson



21 Aug

He emerged from the icy waters
heading towards the Ontario shore
where she greeted him with a warm smile
and a kiss.

At the time he’d never imagined feeling
so beautiful—such happiness with another person.

Five years later,
he was swimming in the upper northeast Atlantic

Every beach day still felt like the first time–
each entry a cleansing of sorts.

Thinking about her
and how different things were now.

Maybe he didn’t want her
maybe he wanted to be more like her
than with her.

Five years a bit too long to still care.
So much left to see and do.

~Edward Austin Robertson


21 Aug

He considered leaving her there
passed out in her car

He even went into his apartment
and changed into his pajamas
but he knew he’d sleep poorly
with her slumped over steering wheel
in his parking lot.

He went outside and grabbed her,
put her on his shoulder
caveman style
and laid her in his bed.

He went back out and locked up her car.

When he got back inside she was sprawled out
on his twin bed. Legs and arms everywhere–
impeding any chance for a second body.

He’d be able to overlook this night of sloppiness
had he not already have dated a drunk before her.

Plus she was kind of a bitch–
who habitually littered.
Who has time for such nonsense?

It looked like he would be sleeping in his office tonight.
Oh well. Wouldn’t be the first time.

~Edward Austin Robertson