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B-side from Brief Moments…..

25 Aug


Some say that Capricorns can’t be

Aquarians are always a-going.

Pisces paddle in pools of emotion.

Aries are almost never around

Taurus take no bull

Always two “I’s” in Gemini.

Cancers can be clingy little crabs.

Leo’s laments are just as loud as
their roar.

Virgos hide behind a veil of

Libras make better lovers (and

Scorpios only sting for their

Sagitarians show more sarcasm than

Some think this stuff is true

others think its pure shit.

At times I think they’re both right.

~Edward Austin Robertson~

I never google myself but…..

13 Aug

I was trying to find some links so I could attempt to book a couple of poetry readings this fall when I ran into this. Check out the stache: