21 Aug

He considered leaving her there
passed out in her car

He even went into his apartment
and changed into his pajamas
but he knew he’d sleep poorly
with her slumped over steering wheel
in his parking lot.

He went outside and grabbed her,
put her on his shoulder
caveman style
and laid her in his bed.

He went back out and locked up her car.

When he got back inside she was sprawled out
on his twin bed. Legs and arms everywhere–
impeding any chance for a second body.

He’d be able to overlook this night of sloppiness
had he not already have dated a drunk before her.

Plus she was kind of a bitch–
who habitually littered.
Who has time for such nonsense?

It looked like he would be sleeping in his office tonight.
Oh well. Wouldn’t be the first time.

~Edward Austin Robertson


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