Pedo State University

15 Jul

Throw the fucking book at them. If Penn State doesn’t get the death penalty, then I might be off College Football forever. It would be the biggest hypocrisy of hypocrisies that involve the corporation that is the NCAA.

Basically they would be saying that giving money to athletes is a much bigger crime than raping little boys. Take the fucking statue down, erase the name on the library and SHUT DOWN the football program. I see no other way around it.

I’ve heard radio/tv talking heads say that it had nothing to do with football–that it would be punishing all the people who had nothing to do with the incident (R.C. Slocum made Aggies look real bad with his statement about how “one mistake” shouldn’t “taint” Joe Pa’s legacy).

I have two responses:

1) It did involve football because this low-life motherfucker Sandusky was using the brand name of PSU to lure these boys in. He’d get them free gear, let them meet players, and even take them on university sanctioned trips (I wouldn’t be surprised if Sandusky was molesting these boys 2 doors down from Shultz, Curley, and or Paterno. They probably met some of these boys he was raping.). He raped kids on campus in areas he was still allowed access even after he no longer worked for Penn State.

2) The players on scholarship should be allowed to transfer without sitting out a year(this is what they did when they gave it to SMU in the ’80’s). Anybody who stays or decides in the future to go there know what they are getting into. My kid and my money would NOT be going to Penn State (just thought of another great bumper sticker).

When the story broke last fall I could smell massive cover up, but the conspiracy theorist in me wonders just how far this really goes. I wouldn’t be surprised if some lawmen, senators and governors weren’t somehow indirectly involved in this.

This might not be the end of it. How many people were like the guidance counselor, who told one of the victims that Sandusky wouldn’t “do such a thing”, when the victim tried to come forward with this information about him?

I want every journalist, talking head, football coach, fan to come forward like Rick Reilly, and publicly renounce their blind allegiance to Joe Paterno.

Somewhere in the Key West, Jimmy Johnson (and all members of the ’86 Miami Hurricanes squad) should feel vindicated. During the 1987 Fiesta Bowl,  the media did everything they could to raise Joe Pa to saint status, and to make Jimmy Johnson seem like a ringleader to a gang of hoodlums. Brent Musburger was one of the worst transgressors at the time. He was practically giddy when the heroic PSU Nittany Lions upset the villainous Miami Hurricanes.

And to all the people who say that Joe Paterno’s full volume of work shouldn’t be judged by “this one horrendous” mistake. GET REAL PEOPLE. Sandusky raped little boys and people knew about this and did NOTHING to stop it. That isn’t a mistake. That is a knowing accomplice.

It’s as bad as that Berkeley student going to a casino with his friend and not stopping him from raping and killing that poor little girl back in the ’90’s. It’s as bad as harboring a criminal. If I drove a buddy to his girlfriend’s house and he killed her and I drove him home, that would make me an accomplice.

How the fuck do you hear a boy getting raped in the shower and not fucking do anything to help the kid–ie stopping the rape and calling the cops?

No one says that John Wayne Gacy’s charity work and scuccessful business ventures make up for his proclivity for raping and killing young men. So how can Joe Pa’s body of work not be sullied by this new information?

Fuck Penn State. Fuck Football. And if there is some yokel out there who can’t see the importance of why Penn State should not suit up next year, then fuck them too. My best advice (outside of researching the effects of rape on children) for those people is to buy a ” Time Machine Building for Dummies” book and transport themselves back to ancient Greece, where it was socially accepted to take a young boy on a “rite of passage”.

Sandusky is about to find out what they do to old ass men who prey on little boys in the “Big House”, and if you think I’m talking about the stadium where the Michigan Wolverines play, then you’re one of the dumb motherfuckers who just don’t get it.




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