The Three of Us

12 Jan




The evening was light and promising.

Full from dinner,

we drank and we laughed and felt good

from the wine.

 There was a chance to work our living situations out

with the hint of even a little strange for everyone down the road.

Our work lives forever changing;

things were beginning to feel fun finally.

We got high with our upstairs neighbor and talked about prospective bill sharing till it was time our guest to leave.

 We hugged and blew each other kisses in what should’ve been a perfect evening

but for me, things eventually got messy with both women.

No such thing as a clean break in real life is there?


~Edward Austin Robertson


Guest set at KDVS

9 Jan

Depression Cherry Tour: The Cain’s Ballroom Circa 2015

30 Dec

I was feeling pretty raw.

I had taken a lot of L’s in a short amount of time

And it had me in my feelings a little.

Something about their ethereal soundscape that ripped through me and my honest emotions


A combination of the dope, lighting and her voice

Made me want to hug myself as the band played.


I can’t say it was the most fun concert I’d ever attended,

But it certainly was the most intimate. 


~Edward Austin Robertson

Geeking Out on The Smokes pt.3

18 Nov

Geeking Out on the Smokes pt. 2

18 Nov


23 Oct

I am relaxed.

Lying beside the soft sounds

of a suckling newborn

in our dimly lit bedroom.

Our humidifier mists away

the dry air

in an otherwise quiet morning.

This is the easy part.


~Edward Austin Robertson



20 Years Later

15 Oct

Perhaps I would’ve pedaled harder if I knew what lay on the other side for me.

I could’ve used the extra motivation for biking in the blistering heat–back and forth, back and forth.

My biggest motivator was fear of failure.

I had to get up, get out, and get something.

I had to see the world, make love to exotic women and smoke fine grades of dope– the key to that I knew; was an education–

At each level existed a new threshold to cross and  new goals to achieve.

But nothing could prepare me for the fear I felt 20 years later,

leaving the hospital that day with a new life in our car.

It was as if the past 20 years had happened to someone else

because nothing mattered more than getting him home safe.

That was as far as I had thought things through.

I took a deep breath, hit my blinker, and took a turn out of the hospital parking lot;

back out into the world that existed beyond the freeway.


~Edward Austin Robertson