Silent Castration

25 Jul

Who is to say you missed out on anything?

You’ve seen her type

Men handcuffed by the nuts without realizing it
SHE doesn’t even know that she is doing it.

At one time you were okay
with the thought of her being
the last one woman you ever slept with
even if she told you she was a post-op job.

Oh you were a fool
and would have continued to have been one
had fate not intervened.

Because how long would the reins held
before you broke free
or been broken?

But who is to say she wasn’t the last?
Everyone and everything since
has been an amalgamation
of tender, heated and awkward moments.

~Edward Austin Robertson


One Response to “Silent Castration”

  1. thejerseygal®™ July 25, 2013 at 6:00 pm #

    Damn! I felt it…my LGB’s did, too. Ouchie. (Little Girl Balls)

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