Down to the pond and back (For Josh and Kelly)

10 Apr

Jogging in the same short shorts
as those early Portland mornings
when it was my day to let the chickens out
before the baby and dogs awoke.
Running to outrace my thoughts
an hour before the streets are littered with traffic.
Emulating the “Spaceman” before his buckwheat pancake breakfast.
To the top of southeast
milling around Mt. Tabor
to clear my head;
if only for a few hours.

Down to the pond tonight.
Looking up at the sky,
the campus
and out towards the town.
I take a deep breath
wondering where I will to run to next.
Then back up the hill
through the campus vista
looking back out at the town,
past my next destination.
Then down, down, down
to the temporary dwelling I now call home.

~Edward Austin Robertson


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