Off Limits

7 Apr

She sat a perched the sofa
one hand propped against her cheek,
face tilted; arctic eyes piercing at 3 ‘o clock,
body angled symmetrically,
feet dangling ,
legs curled behind her thighs
and buttocks.

A younger version of me would have gotten myself in trouble.
18 yr old me would have pined over her
agonizingly in my bedroom,
writing sappy poetry;
trying to find a word to rhyme with Eros.
25 yr old me would have
driven myself crazy trying to bed her and keep her.

I don’t miss those days.
I still wince embarrassingly of the times
when I shot at every game that I liked.
I appreciate being at an age where I can delight in a lady’s presence
and not have to get in their pants.

But if the opportunity presented itself,
I’m not sure I’d have been able to say no.
Though I respected her boyfriend
–a wonderful young man
witty and understated–
it didn’t stopped me from fantasizing
about rubbing the small of her back,
kissing her bare neck,
then making love as if we were two ballerinas.

Only now can I project far enough ahead to know
there aren’t many positive outcomes
for such delicate situations
if you aren’t equipped to handle them.

But sometimes………
on the right days…..
when I’m felt at my most Alpha………
I found it extremely difficult to be alone with her.

Thank God for experience.

~Edward Austin Robertson~


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