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Geekin’ Out on the RZA

7 Mar

No Way in Hell I’m Missing this Movie

7 Mar

Gettin’ Hype about SXSW

7 Mar

I was at the Habana show. I saw myself in the background. I’d point it out, but it was during my heavier days. Just look for the dark skinned guy with the weird gait, and heavy paunch. Who knows, maybe I’ll get down there again this year.

Penumbral Eclipse

5 Mar

Her bloody eye, cratered and full,
winked at us, then shut itself for what seemed hours.
What appeared to be a miracle
would have caused disorder within our ancestors
so long ago.

We ritualized our own sacrifice,
knowing that lack of sleep
would rob us of our humor
to witness this special event.

Worth it to be grumpy
considering three hundred years can pass
before future lifeforms find themselves
awake at 5 in the morning,
openly wondering about their antecedents’ archaic rituals and customs.

~Edward Austin Robertson

Geeking Out on Beach House

4 Mar

For # 14

1 Mar

The early 90’s……….

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