10 Apr



Another goal has just been met. Finished school this past week. feel great. I’m the first McFail to get a college degree.

It feels a bit anti- climatic having taken 12 years to get it done after various breaks, but it feels good.


The monkey is certainly off my back, for now.


I see myself moving to Oregon in a few months, working in advertising, writing a weekly column, and starting a country/folk band.

I think it’ll be really fun to let it all hang out for a bit.

Then possibly move to Eugene to study history, and film as a grad student..perhaps they’d let me work on my second novel as a dissertation?????

As for writing, well I’m working on a new project, titled Good People, Bad habits. There are bout fifty poems in it and I plan to have it ready for print by the middle of summer.

other than that, just working on booking some gigs, and doing a bit of traveling this summer.

East coast scheming, west coast dreaming, it’ll be a good time. A great summer. So what now? Well,  work, video games, and  gearing up for the summer activities.

And lots of Blazers basketball hopefully.


Playoffs?????? Playoffs!!!!!!??????


2 Responses to “Check”

  1. Stephen Hilderbrand April 13, 2009 at 10:40 pm #


    looking forward to seeing you this summer. now to finish myself… (3 weeks and counting)

    you’ve traded your mind for a sense of humor.

  2. heather April 14, 2009 at 2:56 pm #

    if you make it to the nc i know a place maybe two where you can rip it up. it comes complete with orange-sherbet flavored hukas, a frizzy haired dude who quotes star trek and his buddy named fox. yes fox. (not his given name but damn he can make a swell pizza)

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