Done Got old

2 Jun

I’m working the graveyard shift now. It’s great. Peace, quiet, sleep all day, be up all night, thinking.

Tonight’s shift started with me watching Adult Swim until 3’oclock…….sweeeeeeettttttt.

Now I can work on the book stuff as well as editing and things…it’s as if I’m getting paid to write…

I started realizing just how old I getting when I was rapping to a girl a few years ago,
” Yeah baby girl. I’ve got lots of dreams, I wanna have my own talk show someday like Johnny Carson, have Ed McMahon on the couch laughing.

‘Heheheh Bobby Mickey you’re so fucking hilarious its killing me.'”

” Oh that’s so cool Bobby, I love that you’re driven………..who’s Johnny Carson?”

last summer it hit me again when I saw a short black dude eating at Chili’s and so I made the obligatory Bushwick Bill joke……..except noone laughed, no one even knew who Bushwick Bill was.
” You know Bushwick Bill from the Geto Boyz?”

Blank stares.
all around.

Recently was the kicker. I was stocking the shelves at the corporation that John Mackey started in Austin, Whole Foods, when two little black kids came in the aisle, bouncing an imaginary basketball.

One of the kids started getting real loose with it, did a crossover and as he passed by I said “Jordan!!!!!”

The kids got quiet, straightened themselves up and kept walking, then one of them whispered, “Whatever, I’m talking bout Kobe!!!!”

It was then that I realized how out of touch I was, I’d gradually become a real square.

My little brother had been telling me this for years, pointing it out to me when I got excited about Rob Base playing on the radio during a road trip.
“man you don’t understand, this used to be the jam back in the day.”

“yeah USED to be. This shit is dated.”

So we turned the station and listened to Bonecrusher for the fifth time in 45 minutes.

” I smoke I drank I’m supposed to stop but I can’t!!!”

later in the evening, I tried to put on Kid A (By the way my brother used to love Idioteque back then) and he just looked at me.

” EIIIIIIIGGHHHHHH Radiohead? Nigga you look like a Radiohead. Damn. No wonder you can’t get no black girlfriend.”


One Response to “Done Got old”

  1. Ash June 2, 2009 at 7:38 pm #

    so THATS why you’re into white girls!?!?! it alllll makes sense now! ha
    p.s. you’re not getting old, i keep telling you this.

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