Leave the Forest

25 Jun

I chickened out. I couldn’t do it. I heard her voice on the phone and I melted. She was curious as to why I was so nervous, I’m sure I sounded unsettled.

But I knew then i couldn’t leave, even the thought upset me.

So I went and had lunch with her on the roof and we talked about making dinner and watching Law and Order, and i was strangely okay with that. Sometimes you just gotta let things play out the way they should.

I rearranged some things but it really was no biggie. Except the meet up with Howling Mime, but that wasn’t exactly a guarantee either…

However I never told her my thoughts and so imagine her surprise when she looked on yesterday’s blog and saw what was written. I’m not sure what my reaction would’ve been had i been her….

so I’m here an extra couple of days

and it turned out to be the best thing for me.

I got a gig at the Spirits showcase on Church street and had one of the better sets of my career there. Great room, supportive crowd and supportive comics, attentive, music to follow you up on stage. it felt like a show at one of the Improvs in Texas, (except my material went over better here).

I finally realized why I don’t Montreal as much as I should, and its my inability to get on well with French people. I met this guy from Montreal last night, and he just kept busting my balls the whole time we talked, I was too inebriated to do anything other than be cool, and its not like it bothered me.

But walking home it made me think of the French dudes I’d met at University and how we just couldn’t get along. It made me feel a lot better about not liking Montreal.

I’m definitely moving here, now it’s matter of when and not if. It will be a while though, the trip to Oregon this fall will determine how soon I go stay up there…and of course Alaska calls as well……….it’s such an expensive city in T.O. that i want all my ducks in a row before making that call.

Much like getting married, i want to be sure i have all the crazy stuff out of my system before i settle down. Right now I’m much too selfish

As it is i’ll be disappearing for a while. I’m questioning the merit of being so honest on this thing, as much as i want to be forthcoming, I can’t give away too much.

I promise to take good notes while I’m upstate amidst the trees and waterfalls. I’ll brief you on things when i get to NYC, until then here’s this.


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