12 Aug

My kids at work play this playstation game that I’m totally not down with.

I myself never got into RPG games, but I’ve spent countless hours playing football, baseball, and basketball games for all types of video game systems.

I need it. The competition keeps my edge sharp. My adrenalin flowing.

But these RPG games just don’t do it for me. I had a roommate in Austin who would spend his days off from work playing the fuck out of Grand Theft Auto. I never could understand it.

There’s this one my kids play called Bully. Basically this little punk goes around his private school beating up kids way bigger than him, pissing off the administrators and slapping the young girls.

If he happens to get caught by the campus police, it says is busted and then you start back at the beginning.

I’m not one of those guys who say that television, media, and video games and music are responsible for kids fucking up.
But this game is disturbing to me. The kids laugh at the violent parts of the game, slap folks around and do fucked up things and think its okay.

I think it’d be a better game, and more educational if perhaps instead of it simply saying busted once the player gets nabbed, it goes through a random series of scenarios:

1)getting kicked out of school and sent home to where the old man goes apeshit, kicks the kid out of the house and finally you see the kid sucking dick for a gram of coke to freebase in some alleyway.

2) getting sent to a juvenile correction facility where they are forced to be someone’s bitch until they are old enough to go to real prison and reenact disturbing scenes from HBO’s “OZ”.

3) Getting the choice of getting expelled or doing special favors for an interested teacher who feels like they have a vested interest in the kid because they had a son like the troubled kid and scenarios# 1, or 2 happened to their kid and they never forgave themselves. So this is their own way of making amends. Then they finallly share a special moment after weeks of not getting along and the kid turns his life around and becomes an upstanding citizen.

This would be more realistic and fun I think. Someone should look into this. I have friends who are video game programmers, why haven’t they made a game like this yet?

I’ve gotta go. I’ve got phone calls to make.


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