Why We Fight

24 Aug

No teabagging, please. I beg you.

No teabagging, please. I beg you.

Its no accident that missles and rockets take on such phallic appearances. I think its a display of man’s unconscious sexual desire and quest for power.

In the days of the primate, the female chose her mate according to which male was distinctly head and shoulders above its competition.

The female was looking for a mate who could provide good genes for strong healthy offspring, in addition to being able to protect the female and their offspring from oncoming predators, and other forms of danger.

The female wanted to be certain it will live a relatively safe and healthy life with her mate, and required of the male the ability to provide food for her and their offspring.

In our modern days, evolution has proved to change the elements, but not the prevailing theme. Cars, clothing, and houses, give men the opportunity to “peacock”, or display their status in the social order, according to how much money they make.

In the United States, wealth appears to be the number one display of one’s tools for survival. Everything is for sale, and all the conveniences of life are available to you if you make enough money. The quality of life is distinctly better for people with money than those without (obviously).

All things being equal, a pragmatic woman will choose a mate who is most capable of establishing a comfortable life, one that is safe from the harsh realities of modern day poverty.

Fancy cars, nice clothes, jewelery, and expensive tasting food and drink becomes bait for a man “hunting” for himself a woman.
Their offspring go off to the best schools money can afford, thus furthering their chances of making money and being the most fit–strengthening their position in society.

I think this is why we fight. We have a high standard of living that must be maintained. We fight for land and resources within our own species’ “struggle for existence”. Our crisis has come with the planet’s overpopulation.

Those who are unfortunate enough to live somewhere rich in resources but possess an inferior military, get the brunt end of man’s quest for economic power.

So continues the sexual dominance. Women continue to flock subconsicously (and consciously) towards those with power. The men with the big missles (err penises) keep their status intact, thus insuring that they’ll get pussy for the rest of their wealthy lives.

Bmick ’09


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