16 Jan

I find it funny that everyone is so concerned about Haiti now that its in the news for the devestating earthquake(7.0).

Everyone is freaking out, some more genuinely concerned than others, and much like the Tsunami fiasco a few years ago, there are people out there outchic–ing each other to donate more than the other person.

“Oh those poor Haitians”

it’s not like they were living in the lap of luxury before the earthquake. they have always had some serious problems that needed addressing…just read the “The Farming of Bones by Edwidge Danticat”

or listen to Haiti by the Arcade Fire…….

I find it awesome that the Red Cross could raise 35 million in 3 days for such a noble cause…hopefully it’ll raise awareness about the country in general…..

however how come we can’t come up with the dough to support local and neighborhood causes here in the U.S? We don’t have that kind of money to support programs that will benefit this country?

Landfill clean ups, alternative energy projects or non-profit organizations?????

The agency I was previously employed at in Oklahoma just had to cut a couple of projects because of under-funding.

Now North tulsa boys (and area where the youth are mostly at risk for gangs, violence and crime) have to suffer when we couldn’t pony up the funds to help them out, and also help our communities– because those young men may not get the mentoring that keep them from falling in the cracks….how about making donations to causes that most directly affect us….

I’m not saying that we shouldn’t help other countries in dire times of need (within reason) but I am saying that before people go all Bradgelina on people and start adopting kids from overseas….take a look at what’s immediately around us and try to help there…..if not from our pocketbooks, then maybe just volunteering some time…..

When are we Americans going to start taking care of our own?????



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