Inside Man

12 Feb

No I am not insinuating that B- Real is gay (not that there's anythig wrong with that).

If men out there want to be the type of people who take a sexual experience with a woman for granted, perhaps they should think about this:

A woman is letting you put your dick inside her body!!!!! If you’re a guy and you wanna know why it’s such a big deal to let you “up in the them guts”…if you wanna know why women are so particular about who they sleep with, keep that in mind.

I am a very loving man and love all my guy friends immensely, but none of them I love enough to let them slip their dick inside me. So imagine how much a girl must REALLY have to trust you to do something like that.

Shit I’ve had an enema before… Wasn’t much fun….and that tube was only about as wide as my pinky……and it hurt tremendously….so I can’t even imagine……which is another reason I couldn’t be gay…..but
it does make me wonder (non-sequiter alert!!!!!)
when will the first openly gay rapper emerge????

You figure they’d see a great deal of resistance from the industry concerning such issues…..there’d be no Cypress Hill if B-Real were an openly gay emcee it just wouldn’t be sound right would it????

“I gotta dick in my mouth a fucking dick in my mouth,”

[Sen Dog -“In MY MOOOOUTH!!!]

a dick in my mouth, a dick in my mouth”

“I gotta dick in my mouth in my muthafucking mouth”

I think you get the picture…..though you never president, Omar from “The Wire”…..maybe America IS ready for Monster Pooh from the Gayside Gangsters


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