Poem For Meg

9 May

Meg was one of the most attractive women
I’d ever met.
She was stunning
and slightly vicious.

Creativity oozed out her pores.
It was impossible to be
in the same room
and not take notice.

We all were digging her
(even our female roommate

She started dating
the mercurial stud of the
house, PJ
but eventually
our talented
goofball friend

We were happy for both
of them.

They made each
other better people.

Which was the reason
for my shock
when I got that

One of the worst things
you could imagine
had happened.

I had never gotten
too close
to her
to spare myself

She was off-limits
and I had this
for falling in love
with every
smart and
woman I came across
(even if they weren’t
my type).

Now I wish that
I’d had the maturity then
to consciously acknowledge
my attraction
to her
and appreciate
her presence,
then simply move
on to another subject
like normal

It wouldn’t have even
been an issue.
Nothing would
have changed
for anyone involved.

One thing her
passing has taught me
is that no matter
how many times
you suspect
someone has heard it,
it never
hurts to
tell them
how brilliant
you think
they are.

~Edward Austin Robertson~


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