God Bless You Dr. Fleming

15 May

I was minding my own business
watching the Patriots-Colts game.
(Rooting against the Colts)
when she chatted me up.
She looked at me fiercely
told me she was a squirter
and a Scorpio,
48 years old.

She looked like
a poor man’s Shirley

I told her I had to
be at work in less
than an hour.

But the Pats were up
by 17 with less
than 8 minutes to go,
so I called work and
said I’d be fifteen minutes late.

I instructed her to
pay her tab
and meet me
in the parking lot.

We went back to her
place and
I gave her
the Bobby Mickey
no onions
extra mayonnaise.

Her pussy squirted
like the fountains
at Royals Stadium.

The next day I saw that
the Colts had come back to
win the game,
something about a 4th and 2
on their on 29.

The Patriots went
for it and sealed
their fate.

3 days later
my urethra was sticking

Coach Belichick wasn’t
the only one
who made
a bad call
on Sunday night.

~Edward Austin Robertson~


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