Back from Cell Therapy

12 Aug

Hopeful Romantic

Many people think I’m
a hopeless romantic
but if they paid
more attention
they’d see I
was a hopeful romantic.

Romance to me
is more than
or wine and dinner.

I’m poor
and a poet.

I’m a man
of simple pleasures.
I find lots
of things to be romantic.

Ice cream
new pairs of socks on the feet
into public pools
and skinny dipping.

Picking mushrooms
in cow pastures
baking muffins
pot brownies
on the porch
listening to tunes
ON WEED!!!!!

Watching meteor
showers on the rooftop.
Driving alone
in the rain
listening to “Riders on the Storm”

A hopeless romantic
is someone happily resigned
to never finding love.
Someone who couldn’t
recognize love if it hit them in
the face with its genitals.

A hopeful romantic
is someone who
realizes the possibilities
in every waking moment.
Someone who knows
that today just might be their day.

There’s a big difference
between the two.
Don’t you think?

~Edward Austin Robertson~


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