Good Riddance to Bad Rubbish

4 Nov

I put an end finally to my facebook account. I feel free.
There reasons I had started my account were no longer applicable.
I’ve got nothing to hock on the internet and frankly it wasn’t helping me at all. So long to social networks. I wanna minimize my internet interactions to emails.

I’ll miss the pictures of everyone I can’t possibly keep up with day to day. I’ll miss the updates about so and so getting engaged. But I won’t miss the dumb posts that half of my friends put on their walls. I won’t miss the dumb posts that I caught myself leaving either.

I’m sure I can find better things to do with my time, like practicing Spanish, planning my next trip and studying for my upcoming certification tests. No room for superficial relationships right now. I need to be more present. Lock it down. Tighten up.



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