Retroactive Costa Rica Diary Day 7

8 Jun

*After a hiatus from blogging to concentrate on my latest unpublished book (and a short excursion overseas) I’m relieved to pick up the retroactive series again*

Thought about cutting my trip short and leaving for home that Friday. I was still smarting from my bug bites and wasn’t sure if Montezuma would cure my ails. Plus the Steelers-Ravens AFC playoff showdown was on Sunday.

Luckily for me I got an email from my roommate telling me to stay where I was, Tulsa was bitter ass cold and UNpleasant.

Though I had no interest in sand fleas,chiggers, or more mosquitoes and I was still recovering from my sour experience at the Rio Finca Perla. Whatever it was that had bitten me there must have burrowed because I was experiencing an itch I’d never had before. I bought some alcohol and even considered getting some nail polish remover–I’d heard that stuff could kill things that burrowed.

The trip could be over by Friday and I guess I’d be okay with it. I woke up with no idea of who won the College Football National Championship and though I’d been looking forward to seeing an Oregon-Auburn showdown, it’d seemed trivial now that I was on this immense mountain in this spectacular countryside.

I spent the day email people back home and looking for places to couch surf in San Jose for my return home. Even took a nap. Found out the game was kind of a dud (Auburn won a defensive battle) so nothing was missed after all.  Kept thinking about that upcoming Steelers game. It was sure to be a classic battle. It always was between them. A true rivalry between modern day gladiators. Just thinking about their impending clash gave me goosebumps–aroused me immensely. I absolutely had to see that game.  That’s all there was to it.


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