Aesop Rock

11 Aug

Man. I just saw this cat up in Dallas at the Grenada. Dallas fans represented like I’d never seen Dallas fans do at a concert. Usually cats are too cool for school. This shit was hype though the crowd showed a lot of love.You could tell he was digging it.

I would definitely drop in ANY time this cat comes to town. One of the best live MC’s I’ve seen in a long time. His rapping style reminds me of a trumpet player from the bebop era of jazz music–rapid fire and dense–fitting as many lyrics as possible within a bar and somehow making it work musically. He uses his baritone voice as its own instrument.

Dude was captivating and completely owned the stage.He was every bit as good as Busta Rhymes, Method Man, Black Thought, and Kool Keith. I bet tonight’s show in Austin will be just as good.


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