Main Event

16 Dec

The collective lump in everyone’s throats
was the grand elephant in the room.
They did their best to embrace the moment
clinging to the “is” and the essence
of the right now
to enjoy the joking
and laughter
and ignore the seriousness
of tomorrow.

Here was a chance to celebrate who he was
and what he’d become
this fun-loving
and ultimately beautiful
kind and considerate
and responsible.

The ridiculous irony
couldn’t be escaped
that the chief parties
that had a hand in developing these
qualities within him
were also the ones forcing him
out into the cold desert night.

He would be back in a few months
forever changed
for better or worse.

A vacuum existed within the room
a pressure to say so much
and to say so little
their minds and hearts
hanging on every smile
that sprang from his face.

There was always the possibility
of this card being pulled from the deck
of realities
and the gamble was not lost on some.

He may have overplayed his hand.
It was almost as if there had been a deal
done with the devil someone
and the time to pay up had come.

There was something in her voice
that made me pull myself away
from what I was doing
and though it was nothing at the time
it is easy to pinpoint that exchange
of when I unknowingly knew
that something was approaching.

It wouldn’t become concrete
for another week or two
the mind reeling
mind warping
face melting
that my life
as I knew it
was over
or at least on hold.

That my mind and heart
would accompany him
on his adventure.

Never before
had I wanted so badly for
power to exist in the positives
of pure intent.

Never before had I known
such an unconditional love
and acceptance
of this young man
I called my brother.

I never knew that I could
care so much
whilst I prepared for the absolute worst
and prayed for the absolute best.


~Edward Austin Robertson~


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