Oliver North

27 Jan


“Here you go nigger you should put this in ya pocket
I don’t give a fuck, if you sniff or you rock it.
you really hard up you can steal you a locket
find yourself a gun that you can use or can hock it.”

He’s the Dopeman, the Dopeman the real deal Dopeman.
Got his corners spread out all across the land man.
wanna get your start just call your Uncle Sam man.
He dont’ give a shit if you a woman or a man, man

cuz he’s the Dopeman the Dopeman, the real deal Dopeman
pushing more weight than anybody can.
wanna a little taste he’ll put it in your hand man
the community’s destroyed he don’t give a damn man .

All across the globe is a different clientele
the baseheads, the crackheads, the Mexican cartels
Taliban, Escobar, Hoover, Manuel
Frank White, Rick Ross, everybody sells.

get too big and he’ll bring you to your knees bitch
Yank it out from under you he sees you getting too rich
Make your ass an example and put it all in newsprint
massive drug seizure by the FBI unit.

Poppy plant poppy plant coca cola leaf
little niggas, old folks buy yourselves a wreath
drug shits an animal with razor sharp teeth
ripping chunks from that ass to give its owner meat.

Now who’s the Dopeman the Dopeman the real deal Dopeman?
The one who got his corners spread out across the land man?
He don’t give a fuck if you’s a woman or a man, man
get yourself a hit and put the money in his hand man.

The Dopeman, the Dopeman the muthafuckin Dopeman
sell you more hope than a preacher or the pope can
wanna hang yourself he’ll sell you the rope man
he don’t give a fuck he’s the motherfuckin Dopeman

Now they slanging on the corners selling itty bitty sacks
selling for the man making loot off people’s backs
you think he gives a fuck bout your little pennies Black?
He making fuckin billions off the knowledge that you lack

The industry the pharmacies are turning you to zombies
seroquel prozac abilify you dummies
cocaine and television for when you feeling crummy
They outlaw the Mary Jane so you’ll drink the gin rummy

You aint got no helicopter , you aint got no boats
but they run you up the river like it aint no fuckin joke
doing time in prison for that little gram of coke
they found in your pockets or the lining of your coat.

So who’s the Dopeman the Dopeman the genuine Dopeman?
The big money guy bringing shit to this land man
Got his own news show while you sitting on the stand man
Just another mark who got pulled into his plan man.

The Dopeman the Dopeman the motherfucking Dopeman
sell you more hope than the muthafucking pope can
Wanna hang yourself here’s a chair and some rope man
he don’t give a fuck he’s the motherfucking Dopeman.

~Bmick Tha Click Picka~


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