3 Feb

The Drive Back

She looked so out of it.
Glassy in the eyes
talking foggily into
her Dixie cup of peanuts,
and high on anesthesia.

He looked through her collection of CD’s
wishing Brian Eno had made an album
for occasions like these.

For some reason he imagined it would be more dramatic
like that scene out of
“Hills Like White Elephants”
or the movies “Green berg”
and “Last American Virgin.”

But the sun was out
and the day was gorgeous
and there was no hint of heaviness about the

In five exits she would be sleeping in his bed
while he went back to the conference for work.

No shred of guilt at all.
They could just as easily be returning from
the dentist office
or Disneyland.

Nothing felt abnormal about it all.
Which felt a bit abnormal.

~Edward Austin Robertson~


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