Why bother?

10 Feb

He said,
“I’m not trying to be too invested in this. I don’t want to be hurt if this ends.”

She said,
“That’s impossible to predict, because everything ends sooner or later.”

He said,
“Well how can you be so sure this is going to work out?”

She said,
“It depends on what you define as working out.”

He said,
“Well how do we know this isn’t a mistake?”

She said,
“Maybe there are no such things a mistakes, only experiences.
Maybe the beginning and end of things aren’t necessarily as important as what happens in between.”

He nodded, then thought silently of all those (painful)lessons from all those experiences.

Then he said,
“Well how do I know I can trust this?”

She smiled. Then she said,
“Do you have a choice?”

He said.
“Okay. I think you’re right.”

~Edward Austin Robertson


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