1 Mar

Her absence left me feeling pretty afflicted
remnants of her about my room–
the hair pins in random spots
on the carpet
behind me mattress.
I can wash my sheets a thousand times
but won’t be able to get her fragrance
out of my nostrils.

An attraction so magnetically primitive
that I became addicted to the way she felt on my skin,
left me with trembling hands like a junkie
stung by something so beautiful,
but so painful to touch,
much like that unfinished jellyfish painting,
another reminder of interrupted potential
alongside the bottle of unopened massage lotion.
Suddenly missing the days when she found me so intriguing
and I actually respected liked her as a person.

I knew she was Fool’s Gold the minute I laid eyes on her.
It seems so avoidable, but somehow
I sleepwalked into the biggest mistake of my life.
Left with possibly the most important lesson of my life
wondering if I even made a dent
somewhere in her psyche
because she certainly left a mark on mine.

~Edward Austin Robertson~


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