14 Apr

Keep your voice down
They will hear you.

No one cares if its rigged and predetermined

“We want to be entertained.”

They say,

“Get out of here with that nonsense.”
“You think too much.”
“You need to chill”

Easy to do on those cool Autumn nights
after the pleasant mid day breezes.

Nothing fishy at all about that night in L.A. many years ago
or the Patriots’ improbable run just months after that
emotionally charged national tragedy.

Tagliabue, Selig and Stern couldn’t be anything like Vince McMahon
and his World Wide Federation of Entertainment.
It’s merely sheer coincidence and speculation
and one rogue official.

Not sure when the line was crossed but I’m here now
nothing makes sense but anything is in my realm of possibility.
The paranoid and the crazy seem less so
and the normal people seem looney tunes

Nice to finally meet ya Mr. Jones, Mr. Bell, Mr. Noorey
Who am I to believe at this point?

My philosophy is I have no philosophy

I only know that the
Vikings have arrived in disguised
and we laid down our guard
without much of a fight
they didn’t need to use force
we volunteered to burn our
national treasures
willingly removed our monuments
and replaced them with new memorials
lest we never forget
to remember what happened before.

Where does the difference lie between businessman
and bum,
extinction and submission,
civilization and sterilization?

What else can we merge
eating our host
nothing left to conquer but ourselves.

Pure Fiction
tidied and neatly bundled.
They made the lie comfortable
and it got got good ratings.

A pyramid scheme
Annuit Coepts
Novs Ordus Seclorum

All in the game.
That we can’t refuse to play
because we apart of the game
the most invaluable piece.

For we are the sheep
we are the lemmings
we are the hamsters
we are the ostrich
We are the hypocrites
without us there’d be no point in playing.

“Keep ’em laughing
Keep ’em dancing
Keep ’em drinking
keep ’em dying

But don’t let them think
For that is what you pay us to do”

If my behavior seems erratic
or bizarre
then you must ask yourself
“What is normal
and what is it about normal
that makes this man so uncomfortable?”

We are sitting at the table
and we eat
and we drink
and we make merry
but eventually
one of us
or all of us
has to pay this massive bill.

~Edward Austin Robertson


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