Geeking out……….on the playoffs

4 May

Just learned how to play this today when I was re-watching the Memphis vs. Los Angeles game from last night…..pretty easy actually C to E to A then F to E to A to C….

speaking of the Playoffs…Memphis looks nasty. If they go into the next round versus the Spurs healthy, I think they should be the favorites in that match-up. I think they will dispose of the Thunder in 5 games at the most. Durant will get his, but I don’t see anyone stepping up consistently to help KD out.

I think the Grizz could even make the Heat work for it in the finals if they can find a way to get the ball up the court.
For the Champion being a foregone conclusion (barring major injury to Lebron), it has still been an entertaining playoffs. I may have to see if I can figure out how to attend a game at the Oracle… be continued……..


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