The Better Team Won (For Los Spurs)

22 Jun

Wish I could say it gets better
But it doesn’t
Ask “The Playmaker”
about the ones that got away
Tempe, Arizona 1987
San Francisco 1995.

Even the biggest winners sometimes lose.
Though it hurts for those of us who care too much,
I can’t imagine how it feels to be you
so close you can taste the champagne
and embrace the thrill of the accolades,
only to realize how small the margin for error really is,
the difference between second best and champions.

Though you have nothing at all to lament
and everything in the world to be proud of,
there is nothing you can do to ever get it back
which is why losing is probably worst feeling in the world
— no many how many times you’ve won it all.

Sometimes there is no closure
sometimes there is no justice.


Timmy Time Machine and Kawhi were the only ones to have good games the other night.


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