Summer of 2009

14 Oct

I remember the festivals that summer,
the music, my jokes, her friends, our laughter
her whiskey,my steaks
her dresses,my feelings, her garden, our salads,
our sun,her sand, our shower
my mouth, her touch, our kiss
her legs, her ass.

Their traffic,their skyline,their strike
our heat, his death, our surprises
our elation, my yearning,my guilt
our chats, her calls, my emails
her doubts,my phone bills
our mixes,her letters
our promises, those lightening storms
our freakouts.

My lies,
her ambiguity
our impatience,
my embarrassment
our indignation
her games
my disappointment.

Her scorn
My anger
Our relief
turned to apathy.
Our forgiveness
and my growth.

Thank you Terris.

~Edward Austin Robertson


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