Snow Day

5 Feb

Everyone was beautiful because everyone felt happy.
“Happy Snow Day” was his greeting to all trudging by–
the college kids screaming, squealing and howling their “woo hoo’s!”
drunk, or on their way to getting there.
He wasn’t a fan of the cold
but the winters in Kansas gave him a sense of time and place;
creating evocative images to vividly recall years later.
The safety net of the quiet neighborhood
draped in unmolested snowfall,
walking down the empty street while a man shoveled his driveway.
A decision to step out of that comfortable chaos
into the unknown
reminded him that happiness was a decision.
It was as if God had deemed that today
would be a perfect day
and he wouldn’t have to try one bit to make it work.

~Edward Austin Robertson
2014-02-04 17.14.36


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