East Coast Trippin’ Day 1: “A lost day of travel”

24 May

Completely lost track of the holiday schedule this year and didn’t account for Memorial Day coming a weekend earlier than I am used to. Had I realized this, I would have put my travel plans on hold until Monday. I hate traveling holiday weekends. Ticket lines are busier, buses and planes are guaranteed to be crowded, and cops are always more visible.

After a year of “champagne-ing and campaigning” in Lawrence, KS, I decided to beat the heat this summer and head up to the northeast. Believe it or not, I had a blast in the middle of the United States and am better for the experience. Spent last week saying goodbyes and even managed to leave a present for my incoming sub-leaser

2014-05-23 10.59.53

There was a little shenanigans coming out of the block yesterday for sure. One of my roommates forgot to put the top back on his radiator (he’d been checking his fluids) and the engine started smoking when we got on the highway. He pulled over at the nearest service station and because I had planned ahead for such fiascoes, I had enough time to call another housemate and rescue us, and get me to the airport in time.

I ingested some “special” banana bread to ease my flying anxiety and our plane was up in the air by 1:50-ish (I flew Delta–which is never quite on schedule–they are like the greyhound of commercial flying).

So far there is nothing to report. I spent the night in a hotel in Charlotte (which I kind of like–reminds me of a laid back north Houston suburb). I’m clearly staying out in the hood, but trouble has not found me, and the locals have been very engaging. If I ever have a friend who moves here, that will be excuse enough to visit this city. they say it will be the next Atlanta.

Speaking of Atlanta……….their airport is what is up! So many beautiful honeys up in that motherfucker. Wow!!! I even had a cutie throw me a “Rock Chalk” after she saw my Kansas t-shirt. From the excited look in her face, I thought she knew me from somewhere–turns out she was just on that Lawrence tip.

My cab is here to take me to the bus station. Asheville here I come. I have heard so many great things about you. I hope they are all true.


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