Damage Control

11 Sep

He’d seen this movie before–
staring at his face in the mirror,
already feeling the pangs of guilt,
and he hadn’t even done anything yet.

This one was not as cute as his current gal.
No matter–
it is hard to quantify attraction.
There was something that brought him here
and now he’d have to answer for it.

Making out was pushing it (sort of)
not touching each other was skirting the line,
and mutual masturbation was definitely cheating
(But this nut was not going to bust itself).

The only way he’d be able to walk away from this
was to run—and his balls were far too full to do that.
Now was the time to decide
if it was worth lying about,
worth doing,
and worth the feeling he’d have
when he looked in the mirror the next day.

~Edward Austin Robertson


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