Summer Holiday Day 14 : Vacation of a Lifetime

9 Jun


Quick Notes: If anyone tells you that the Acropolis is the best place to get a steak in town, they are either severely mistaken or lying to you. Not only is the “A CRAP” is not the “best steak in town”, it is also the worst strip club you will ever go to in your life. You will be praying that these women will keep their clothes on. “Oh God. Please tell me she is a waitress and not a dancer. Oh no She is going on stage next. When will those flipping steaks be done?” These were just a few of my thoughts that night.

Seattle is a lot cooler than it was when I first visited 10 years ago. It is still ridiculously white washed, but is a more palatable place to spend time than San Francisco. Spent the day getting drinks with friends in the Capital Hill area, and swam at Colman Pool in the afternoon. With a heated saltwater pool overlooking the Peninsula, I thought my weekend couldn’t get better. Sunday morning I left my phone in the hotel room and had a 45 minute complimentary breakfast, going back for seconds, enjoying every gulp of orange juice and every bite of bacon,eggs, and roasted potatoes.

Seattle is popping. If I made 6 figures, I could see myself entertaining the thought of moving there. The traffic is a little insane, but I do like their Roasteries. Seattle is definitely on that next level.

Quote of the Week: “Only black people.” ~Worker at Tugboat Annie’s (in Olympia)  when asked if the Killer Whales had ever been know to eat people kayaking in the Puget Sound.


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