Summer Holiday Day 30: Dippin’ My Toe In

25 Jun

I can’t believe that I was seriously considering moving to Asia for an extended period of time. The money sounded good, but this clearly isn’t the point in my life to do something like that.

I was feeling lonely hanging out in downtown Mexico City, compound that with 9-12 months in a country where I know zero KOREAN, and your boy might have gone coo-coo for Coco Puffs.

This was good for me to just get a little taste. There was a two or three week period where I was planning to spend my whole summer down here in Mexico. That would have been too much of a shock for me. This was just enough for a first time deal. I’ll definitely be back. I won’t go to Puerto Vallarta or Sayulita again, but I enjoyed it for what it was.

You can take loads of language coursework, but there are plenty of situations a classroom can’t prepare you for.

” 3 hours before your flight is scheduled to leave, you receive an email from the airline saying your purchase wasn’t completed because your credit card company froze your account for suspicious activity. You have exactly an hour to find a taxi and make it to the ticket counter and fix this problem. Go!”


” You have the worst diarrhea you have ever experienced in your life and you must purchase some electrolytes from the Pharmacia. The clerk doesn’t speak English and there is no label on the Powerade bottles. GO!”

Which brings me to the other lesson about Mexico I learned, when in doubt don’t push out.

I realize now that I prefer Tex-Mex to Mexican food, but I cannot wait to go home and wrap some wieners in bacon and fry them shits up. Time to regain that 10 lbs I lost last week.

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